Knowwaste delivers high quality waste audits and management solutions using best industry standards and the highest levels of safety.


Our services include guideline domestic waste audits, LGA residential and commercial bin reconciliations, litter projects, monitoring, office waste system analysis, bin compliance and general waste stream analysis and reporting.


We are also experienced in education and training programs, waste management strategies and waste management consulting.


We are highly flexible and will tailor our services to suit your project requirements.



We conduct and manage guideline and tailored waste audits that allow our clients to identify the composition of their waste stream by physically sorting the material to detailed project categories.  Clients use our waste auditing services to reduce waste to landfill, analyse data for new and current contracts and to help assess and plan waste strategies. 


We are experienced in kerbside waste audits, public place recycling, municipal waste audits and office and SME waste audits.



NABERS Waste measures and scores how well office buildings manage waste generation and recycling.  It compares them to the NABERS industry benchmark.  The rating is driven by an online platform that tracks data each month and converts the waste data into useful management insights. 


A NABERS rating of up to six stars is calculated from the data and quality of the data collected.  Please contact us or visit the NABERS website for further information. 

About the Waste Rating

About the Waste Manager Platform

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We provide bin reconciliations for clients to assist in updating and analysing their residential/ customer database, we also create new databases for our clients who do not have one in place.  A bin reconciliation is useful when renewing waste contacts, implementing new bin systems and services, monitoring compliance, installing bin microchips and identifying inconsistent bin allocations.


Our experienced staff complete a detailed stocktake of targeted addresses and record data by bin type, size and condition. We can include additional data sets to meet your project objectives such as bin capacity used and overall presentation rates.

We can target specific households such as SUDs, MUDs or design a reconciliation to meet your project needs.



Knowwaste can conduct Local Litter Checks to assist councils, community groups and state governments to meet grant application requirements.


We have assessed the factors effecting littering in urban and rural public places across NSW using the Local Litter Check and are trained to find the best way to change local littering behaviour. We  tailor litter prevention programs to meet your local needs.


We will analyse the results and provide detailed reporting for litter prevention projects.  We have experience in litter prevention projects in key public areas including CBDs, industrial, parks, events, roadsides, malls, beaches and trouble hot spots.




We believe that community research is an integral part of improving waste and sustainability programs. Our market research is undertaken using surveys and/or focus groups designed and implemented by our experienced staff.


We suggest a community consultation for clients requiring; community feedback, identifying services that require improvement and to understand community expectations.




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Waste strategies
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